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streaming unit New Zealand

streaming unit New Zealand

Our mission to provide the freedom of choice and economical means for home entertainment through legitimate live streaming of internet content to home TV's.

In comparing Streamsmart to others on the market, including cheap budget boxes. Don't waste money on budget boxes as you will get exactly what you paid for. You will also either spend weeks figuring things out or just give up.

With the Streamsmart Pro or later models and the investment will never by regretted, it's the investment in home entertainment of the future.

'Parrots' & human nature
There are people with personal axes to grind who, without foundation of core facts, deride and discredit Streamsmart in social media posts. None have physically used a Streamsmart, I refer to such persons as 'Keyboard Click Commandos' [KCC].

For reasons best known to themselves, some people 'parrot' links posted by KCC's and insist on opinion without foundation of core facts, and have not experienced Streamsmart neither. Such is human nature!

Streamsmart is Awesome.....
Read the awesome testimonials posted by Streamsmart users! Those saving their money and enjoying the streaming of legitimate entertainment content from the internet to home TV.

Other Boxes Don't Compare!!
Is there a way to purchase the streamsmart service without a box. Have box from another provider that just don't compare !!

No. You'll need to purchase a StreamSmart.
R. B. NY, USA. 14 September 2017.

Streamsmart the Best Box Out There
I tell everyone over and over again, I repeat myself, streamsmart is by far the best streaming box out there, I tried others before I got streamsmart over 2 yrs ago, other boxes, other builds, firesticks, even had streaming on my apple devices, nothing compares absolutely nothing!

As more and more boxes and companies come out, I know streamsmart is by far hands down the best!! Thanks to all that have made streamsmart the best I will forever continue to promote and convince people.
K.C., Riverside, CA, USA. 04 Sept 2017

Streamsmart Technical Support Feedback
I want to say thanks to all of you who took the time to ask and answer questions on StreamSmart Support!

By taking the time to read these questions and answers, I was able to fix several problems I have been having. Don't be afraid to venture out on your own! If I can do this, anyone can!!!

J.H., Cleveland, Tennesee. USA. 03 Aug 2017
Streamsmart Technical Support Facebook Group
The following examples a typical Streamsmart technical support response, under 10 minutes from question being asked.

User's technical question at 8:01pm:

The scroll across the bottom of the screen is telling to my cache is almost full. Do I need to clean it out every now and then? Or do anything else? If so, what and how?

Streamsmart technical support answer completed at 8:07pm:

Basically if you haven't double clicked it in 7 days then you should run the streamsmart wizard to make sure you have all the updates that we have pushed through out the week.

Having said that if you havent used it in 4 days or so, you can just double click the red refresh button and get all the updates. But after 7 days there may be to many updates and running the streamart wizard is a sure way to make sure your unit is fully up to date.
Streamsmart Facebook Support Group, 22 July 2017

Streamsmart Pro Box Officially Paid for Itself
Our pro box has officially paid for itself 4 times now......and we havent looked back. Literally better than cable.
C.V. Charleston SC. 9 July 2017

Support with Click of Button
My brother in law told me about Stream Smart. I did a lot of research before deciding on this box, I'm very new to streaming boxes and wanted a product that came with support and updates. Other boxes from my research come with zero support and your kind of on your own as far as updating your box. Even if you understand the XBMC world updating a box on your own takes a lot of research and time. With Stream Smart it's a click of the button, so easy! Thank you.
Kevin H, May 2017

Best way to watch TV for our nature seniors...
I'm 75 and love my StreamSmart. If your patient and stay in touch with the group you can do it! Best way to watch TV.
G.G. NYC, USA. 5 April 2017.

Streamsmart Commercial Free
There's only one complaint from me. I think I'm straining my wrist because I keep reaching for the remote to fast forward through commercials and I don't have to. Cause when you Stream Smart, there ain't no commercials!
T.C. 3 Mar 2017.

Saved so Much Money....
Just wanted to say thank you to all the tech help! You guys have been awesome! Our family is loving having a Streamsmart box! This is the best think ever!
We have saved so much money since we've purchased our box. No more cable, extra channels, or even a home phone payment (stupid bundle packages!) Only an internet bill. I love saving money! Thank you Streamsmart!
A.T.S. CA, USA. 28 Jan 2017

Quite Simply Amazed, Great Product
I had never heard of Streamsmart, nor KODI boxes in general, before yesterday. Received a Pro as a gift and am quite simply amazed. Where has this been all my life? Hahaha. Great product, and from what I can tell, the support is top notch. A HUGE THANK YOU to all the people that know what they're doing and don't mind helping.
R.V. GA, USA. 27 Dec 2016

A Great Product
I got to say when I first got streamsmart a little over a year I was impressed, now I am amazed!! what a great product!!
K.C. CA, USA. 15 Dec 2016

Jango and MP3 Streams Extraordinary
Streamsmart not only has most awesome live TV and on demand movie and TV content, the music choices on Jango and MP3 streams are extraordinary. This media box continues to amaze me each day.
J.M. 21 Nov 2016

Beauty of Owning a Streamsmart
Why watch regular tv when you have a streamsmart? One of the many beauties of owning a streamsmart is that you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want.
M.S. AZ, USA. 4 Dec 2016.

Pull Subscriber Plug
I just want to say I am in love with my stream smart pro. After the learning curve of being patient I have been able to watch everything I have ever dreamed of watching and those I didn't even know were out there. So glad to be able to pull the plug!!
J.B. CA, USA. 10 Dec 2016.

Super Happy
Hi everyone I just got my box yesterday and so far Im super happy with it. Still have lots to learn but Im like a kid with a new toy right now!!
L.P.A. CA, USA. 7 Nov 2016.

Will never go back to a contract with any provider.....
Just purchased our THIRD StreamSmart box....YAY!!!! Now that we have gotten used to the process and we 'SEARCH' the group for answers to our questions and almost ALWAYS find them, we also travel through this group at least 2 times per week and read everyone's posts and what they do on a 'regular' basis to keep their process easy...WE WILL NEVER GO BACK TO A CONTRACT WITH ANY PROVIDER!!!
We will Stream on forever!!!! Thank you all that continue to make this group great and are patient enough to wade through the one's that are newbies to the group and might not yet understand the 'SEARCH' option! YOU ARE ALL AWESOME and I have by weekly housekeeper back now that we are Streaming!!!
R.K., USA 22 Jul 2016