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The Ultimate New Zealand Smart Streaming Device ~ Support
Streamsmart New Zealand's internet media player box support for access for to freely available sports, movies, documentaries, educational programmes. Connects wirelessly to the TV.

Welcome to your Streamsmart support page. All information you need to know can be accessed through your Streamsmart unit. The main thing to keep in mind is that you are in charge of the remote control and, what you want to watch, when you want to watch it.

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The only streaming device with TRUE customer service built-in with your purchase!

Facebook Support | Online Browser Support | Comprehensive User Videos

Important: It is highly recommended time is spent viewing the Streamsmart User videos to become familiar with the unit. Each video has information on specific topics, however, the must-watch is the Kodi at a Glance video, which is featured below.

TRAVEL with Streamsmart: Travelling anywhere, the Streamsmart box is small enough to fit into a handbag. It will plug into any internet modem and TV. Pack a ethernet cable as a backup for hardwiring. Note that North America, continental Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia all use different plug shapes therefore a universal adaptor should also be packed.

Do an Internet Speed Test for your connection. TEST
An average speed of 20mbps is recommended but, lesser speeds can also work effecttively when an ethernet cable is fitted to the Streamsmart receiver and modem.

A download speed of 10mbps [megabits per second] is sufficient for a Streamsmart connection.

Setting Up Streamsmart
Firstly, view the connecting setup video, click below: Secondly, view 'Kodi at a Glance', click below:
connect streamsmart connect streamsmart

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