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streaming unit New Zealand

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Streamsmart is top of the media players range with high quality, consistency, reliability, content and support for a one-time only purchase.

The Streamsmart media player automatically enrols you as a life-time subscriber to more than 6 Premuim Channels that includes all sports. There is also all past and present TV show channels plus hundreds of kids entertainment channels.

Streamsmart gives you access to all your favorite content with no monthly fees. After the one-time purchase of the Streamsmart Media Player, you can cancel high monthly satellite and Netflix subscriptions for good.

Comparing Streamsmart with other media players is like the differenc between a 1990's Skoda and 2016 Rolls Royce cars. Streamsmart is the Rolls Royce!

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lifetime subscriptions
Your purchase gives a lifetime of free usage. Constant updating by the Streamsmart team ensures you have the latest entertainment at no cost.

No subscriptions. No ongoing monthly fees.

No updating of Streamsmart is needed to be done by you, other than when the team advises you to run the Wizard. All other media players require updating manually, if one knows how and remembers to do so frequently.

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lifetime subscriptions Streamsmart is easily setup in minutes and you will be streaming all your favorites in no time! It is as simple as one, two, three... The Streamsmart is 1.] connected to a power source, 2.] connected to your TV with an HDMI cable and turned on, 3.] connected to the internet and updated.

Online support includes a Setup Video.

Those in the 55+ age group are the most avid users of media players to legitimately watch on the premium channels what they want to watch, when they want to watch.

Great savings for those folk.

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lifetime support Streamsmart provides what no the media player does, 24/7 online support. A must-do is joining the Facebook Streamsmart support group to stay current with the latest news and updates. It is also the place where you can ask questions and see what other users are talking about, this includes troubleshooting.

There is also the Users Forum where questions are also asked and amswered.

Numerous videos are accessible in Streamsmart that cover everything one would want to know.

So as to understand the set up, it is recommended users visit the website then go to the support Videos section and watch our "Connecting your Streamsmart", "Kodi at a Glance", and "OTA Update". The videos can also be viewed on Streamsmart, the link is in the All Add On's.

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One Time Purchase Lifetime Free Usage Easy Setup Support
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where smart people cancel pay-to-view subscriptions and go for lifetime FREE home entertainment

Own your FREE home entertainment, don't be captive to constantly rising pay-to-view subscriptions!!

FREE delivery
New Zealand & Australia

BONUS: Includes Premium pay-to-view channels lifetime registration ~ Valued at $100 plus!!

Streamsmart is the streaming media player device to connect your television or home theater to the Internet allowing you to stream video and music from online services, including all sports channels.

Use Streamsmart for live streaming to TV in New Zealand with free access for sports, TV shows, movies, kids, children, documentaries, educational programmes and also apps to access Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and much more. Cancel all other subscriptions and immediately save money!!

Live TV streaming is booming in New Zealand with the old saying "content is king," and the Streamsmart devices have tons of content to explore. Buy the ultimate Smart Streaming Device!
Sports | Movies | Kids Programmes | Games | Videos | On-demand TV Shows
The only streaming device with TRUE 24/7 customer service built-in with your purchase!, plus lifetime subscriptions to numerous channels for Sports, Movies, TV shows, Kids entertainment and much more!
Facebook Support | Online Browser Support | Comprehensive User Videos
BONUS: Includes Premium pay-to-view channels lifetime registration ~ Valued at $100 plus!!
The premium channels are the same as those the pay-to-view vendors provide, but with Streamsmart you get hundreds more. Enjoy livestreaming on your TV without paying monthly subscriptions.
live streaming unit New Zealand Free access to channels for sports, movies, kids channels, documentaries, educational programmes and much more. Also apps to access Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and much more with STREAMSMART. Also constant updating of your STREAMSMART and 24/7 support online via web browser and Facebook.

Now is the time to streamsmart!

Streamsmart Specifications

Streamsmart S4 Plus

Streamsmart S4 Plus Streamsmart S4 Plus Combo
$480.00 $530.00

OS: Android 4.4
CPU: s805 Quad core Cortex A5 @ 1.5 GHz
GPU: Quad core MaLi - 450MP
ROM: 8GB Nand Flash
Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps
WIFI: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4 ghz/5.8 ghz
Output: HDMI 1.4
HD (1080p): yes
UHD (4K): no
3D: yes
Live Support: yes
Premium Addons: yes
Firmware Updates: yes
Google Play Store: yes
Internet Browser: yes
Dual Band WIFI: yes
Bluetooth: yes
Monthly Fees: no
Warranty: 1 Year

Streamsmart Pro

Streamsmart Pro 4K Streamsmart Pro 4K Combo
$625.00 $650.00

OS: Android 5.1.1 lollipop
CPU: s905 Quad core Cortex A53 @ 2.0 GHz
GPU: Penta core MaLi - 450MP
Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Mbps (GigaBit)
WIFI: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4 ghz/5.8 ghz
Output: HDMI 2.0
HD (1080p): yes
UHD (4K): yes
3D: yes
Live Support: yes
Premium Addons: yes
Firmware Updates: yes
Google Play Store: yes
Internet Browser: yes
Dual Band WIFI: yes
Bluetooth: yes
Monthly Fees: no
Warranty: 1 Year


streamsmart remote keyboard

World's best handheld mini-wireless keyboard mouse combo, specific multi-media remote control with touchpad function. With back-lit keys and a basis in gaming remotes, this responsive keyboard remote available exclusively through StreamSmart will make you the envy of other box owners and gamers alike.


Your Stream device is sold with a 12-month warranty. When you get your StreamSmart up and running you will love it! As like thousands of other satisfied customers worldwide.

With new technology, some people are apprehensive about purchasing before they have seen the device in action. An average speed of 20mbps is recommended but, lesser speeds can also work effecttively when an ethernet cable is fitted to the Streamsmart receiver and modem. Do an Internet Speed Test for your connection from this link TEST


Streamsmart boxes have several layers of security

First, we have a proprietary firmware that can be updated in an instant - "Over-the-Air" - through an easy download directly to your box.

Second, we have a custom coded version of Kodi that is designed to run faster and more dependably than the free, open-source version that many other boxes use. We can even auto-update your Kodi file without needing you to do anything but turn on the box and open Kodi.

Third, we have a security-enabled wizard that will only function with our physical motherboard, our proprietary firmware, and our custom version of Kodi.


Streamsmart features that set us apart

Streamsmart has negotiated contracts with premium streaming providers so we can pre-load the boxes with pre-paid access to selected channels. Channel Up and Donkey Sports are the first in this group - with more to come! Along with TVAddons, this gives you No-Fee Access to just about anything you want to Live Stream in HD - it is one of the things that sets us apart! Here are more items that distinguish Streamsmart from the pack:
- Custom Channel list updated weekly
- "LIVE CHAT" support


Streamsmart accesses hundreds of streaming channels globally. But, in particular, we have negotiated agreements with these Channel Partners, so you do not have to pay subscription fees. We will be adding to this list, creating more value for you as a Streamsmart TV box owner.
live streaming unit New Zealand live streaming unit New Zealand
live streaming unit New Zealand live streaming unit New Zealand
live streaming unit New Zealand live streaming unit New Zealand

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