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streaming unit New Zealand streaming unit New Zealand
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streaming unit New Zealand

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Streamsmart Setup YouTube Videos

The following links to videos on YouTube that illustrate and demonstrate how to setup the Streamsmart internet media player.

streamsmart New Zealand

The Streamsmart internet media player streams channel programs from your internet/router modem to your TV, the programs are freely available on the internet.

The 1.5v device is powered from a 240v mains power source and connected to your TV with an HDMI cable. This enables live streaming via your internet connection to the TV without paying any other subscription or fees.

There is also port for ethernet connection to a modem/router, known as hard wiring.
Once connected, Streamsmart is simply setup using the supplied remote control and the installed Wizard.

These specific YouTube videos that show how to set up the Streamsmart, you are not left alone to figure things out. No other streaming device provides such magnificent service!

Streamsmart Internet Media Player Setup YouTube Video

Shows how to set up the box once it is connected to your TV set with the HDMI cable and powered ON. The factory supplied remote requires batteries and then used to navigate the set up process.

Streamsmart Media Player Install YouTube Video

Shows how to install the media player on the box after the initial setup has been performed. The steps include the important configuration of date and time relative to your time zone, also adjusting the TV screen size.

Streamsmart Trouble Shooting YouTube Video

A Streamsmart internet media player box purchase includes 24/7 technical support via a closed Facebook Support Group and web site. When users experience trouble they firstly search for a previous answer in either or both sites. A query can be posted if the answer is not found. Notwithstanding the 24/7 online support the