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streaming unit New Zealand

streaming unit New Zealand

Install a Streamsmart Internet Media Player
The ultimate Smart Streaming device as your one-and-only for home entertainment!

Surf your favorite websites, access YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, or a variety of other 3rd Party Apps directly on your television with Streamsmart.

Calculate possible savings below from a on-off purchase and no further ongoing subscription, licence or other fees.

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Our Streamsmart Internet Media Player Models
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Streamsmart S4 Plus internet media streaming
Streamsmart S4 Plus only $480
Streamsmart stire Streamsmart Pro 4K internet media streaming
Streamsmart Pro 4K only $625
 worldwide TV channels worldwide TV channels

TV home entertainment live streaming is arising!
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No subscriptions - No Licence fees - No hiddens

live streaming unit New Zealand live streaming unit New Zealand
Streamsmart S4 Plus
with remote control
Streamsmart S4 Plus Combo
with remote control & keyboard remote
Streamsmart Pro Streamsmart Pro combo
Streamsmart Pro
with remote control
Streamsmart Pro Combo
with remote control & keyboard remote

TRAVEL with Streamsmart anywhere.
The Streamsmart box is small enough to fit into a handbag. It will plug into any internet modem and TV. Pack an ethernet cable as a backup for hardwiring. Note that North America, continental Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia all use different electrical plug shapes therefore a universal adaptor should also be packed.

Do an Internet Speed Test for your connection. TEST
An average speed of 20mbps is recommended but, lesser speeds can also work effectively when an ethernet cable is fitted to the Streamsmart receiver and modem/router.

FREE courier delivery within New Zealand! live streaming unit New Zealand